Read, Heed, Proceed

Fresh Heart For a New Week

“The Kingdom of God is not just talking; it is living by God’s power.” I Corinthians 4:20 The Living Bible

 I’m not at Starbucks every day, but often enough to see something that brings joy and encouragement to my heart. As I sit, ponder and pontificate via my computer, I also do a lot of watching and listening.

 There is a lady working on a Bible study. By the front window are two young men vigorously working their way through a passage of Scripture together. Often there will be a larger gathering of men or women engaged in systematic study of God’s Word. This is happening in coffee shops, restaurants, parks and gathering places all across our land. And it’s all being done out in the open, in full sight of a watching world!

But the world isn’t interested in watching us study and talk the Christian life, they’re waiting for us to live it. Because talking like a Christian and not living like one dilutes the Message.  It takes the Kingdom backwards, not forward.

What really smashes through anti-Christian bias and skepticism is the life of someone living out the powerful truths of the Book we are studying. God’s Word is to be studied and memorized, but then it must be lived out. The easy parts and the hard parts!

The love it talks about must be shared. The compassion spoken of must become actions that alleviate suffering and sorrow. The truth it promotes must counter the cultural lies that confuse and enslave. The Bible is not just a textbook to study, but a pattern for living.

To read and not heed and proceed is to shortchange our world. It needs to see the powerful application of obedient response to our study of God’s Word. This week would be a good time to turn our ‘study hall’ into a traveling ‘show and tell’ experience that will show our world just how serious God is about performing his Word through our lives.

May you find great joy for your journey!

Paul  Walterman

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